The city emblem of Tel Aviv

The city emblem of Tel Aviv within the modern city logo

The city emblem of Tel Aviv within the modern city logo

The official city emblem of Tel Aviv was designed by the renowned Tel Avivian artist Nachum Gutman in 1925. In the center of the design - a lighthouse, resembling a gate, is on the horizon, depicted as from a ship nearing the harbor. The lighthouse symbolizes the will of the Jewish pioneers to become a light unto the nations, an exemplary egeliterian society, and the sea-gate sybolizes the fact that Tel Aviv was considered a focal point for Aliyah - Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel. In the early 1920's Jewish refugees from Europe were looking for a safe harbor and that's exactly what the city emblem of Tel Aviv was to project

The lighthouse is inside a Star of David, an ancient symbol of Judaism and underneath it are two words in Hebrew that translate into an excerpt from the Book of Jeremiah (31:4) that reads: “I will build thee up and thou shalt be built”. This sort of moto was to be realized in the construction of the city of Tel Aviv

The seven stars are a reference to Theodore Herzl, one of the fathers of modern political Zionism, also considered the man who envisioned the establishment of a Jewish state. In his 1896 manifesto The Jewish State he proposed that the Jewish national flag will be comprised of seven golden stars on a white field, symbolizing a socialist aspiration for a seven hours work-day